Hello, my name is Lindsay and welcome to my veganramblings.  I have decided to start this blog to have a place to write down my thoughts and discoveries in living the vegan life. 

A little history, I am 25 years old and live on the east coast.  My journey towards this lifestyle was just that, a journey.  I started out as you typical American 20 something eating SAD (standard American diet) and as I learned more about nutrition, health, animal welfare and my environmental impact I slowly became vegan. 

I feel in discovering this more compassionate and mindful lifestyle that everyone’s journey is different.  Some people go from a meat-eating diet to vegan overnight, and I admire them for that, for others it is a process, I admire them too. 

I have always had an interest in being vegetarian.  This was mostly for health reasons rather than ethical ones.  But like so many people I thought it was going to be too hard and just how was I going to get my protein?!  So though I thought about it numerous times in high school and college I never made the commitment.  After I graduated from college I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do just yet.  I ended up moving to Japan for a year to teach English and have an adventure before settling down and getting a “real” job.  It was while I was there I started to think about nature and my impact on the planet.  Although Japan is not a very vegan friendly place (there is fish in everything that is not raw) it is a country with a reverence for nature.  After I got back to the US and move out on my own I decided that now was the time to make a change in my life.  Overnight I went vegetarian.

At this point I had not done very much research in vegetarian nutrition, I was just winging it.  Even without think about nutrition I was feeling better than ever.   Slowly I started to educate myself more and started to eliminate diary from my life.  I went vegetarian in June of 2010 and by March of 2011 I was fully vegan.     Here we are 15 months later, I still feel great and I could never regret making the changes in my lifestyle that I have made. 

This has been my journey so far.  I wouldn’t for a moment think that my journey is over.  Every day, I am learning something new and making changes in my life.  I look forward to sharing those changes and discovers with you.