So I haven’t really had the chance to write too much lately.  The reason is…I’m moving!  I’m very excited to move to my new apartment but have been running around like crazy trying to get everything ready and packed.  I had less than two weeks to pack up my apartment and get my things to storage at the new place.  This move has been a little high maintenance.  Though my lease wasn’t up until the end of this month I had to move out the weekend before as I had a business trip to Arizona that weekend.  I was excited; I had never been to AZ before.  The one thing that had me a little worried before i left though was the weather…it was hot, like really hot.  Anyway, because of I couldnt move into the new place until July 5th I was living with my parents.  Love them and all, but I couldnt wait to be settled.  

I usually cook most of my food with fresh ingredients, but the past few weeks I have been living on vegan friendly quick foods like Amy’s Organic meals and it looks like it’s going to stay that way until I’m setttled and cooking in my own kitchen again.  One nice thing about that is that while I was shopping last weekend I found Amy’s vegan Mac and Cheese.  I have known that this was a product, but haven’t been able to find it…not even in Whole Foods.   Turns out, it’s been hiding at Wegmans all this time. 

Cant wait to get cooking in my new kitchen!  Maybe I will be able to post some videos to go along with my recipes…