I have an exciting announcement.  I have a new addition to my household.  She is prefect and soooo cute.  She is my new Kitten!

This picture was taken right after she was brought home.  I have tried to take another a better one but she won’t sit still long enough…lol. 

She is a rescue kitten.  She was found by my younger cousin wandering around the streets on her own.  She was so small and sickly that they brought her home right away.  She had no identification and looked like she had been outside by herself for a while.  She was only five weeks old or maybe ever a little younger.  They kept her for a few days, but their dog was not having it.  They then began asking if anyone would be able to take her in.  After seeing her picture and hearing her story I couldn’t say no.  So last Friday she came to live with me.  I decided to name her Daisy, after the duck not the flower.  Anyone who knows me knows my love for all things Disney.  As I was trying to think of a good name for her, she decided to voice her opinion.  Turns out that she doesn’t quite have the meowing thing down yet, she kind of quacks.   Seems like she was letting us know that she liked the name Daisy. 

At first she was very lethargic and we were quite concerned about her and her health, we ended up taking her to the Vet twice her first week.  However, I am happy to report that after a week of clean water and food she seems to be feeling much better.  She has fully entered her kitten phase and is trying to get into and play with everything.  She is very loving and playful, she has even started to sound more like a cat and less like a duck 🙂