Last week I was craving some yummy vegan food that didn’t involve me cooking it.  I texted Melissa, who you may remember from my apple day adventure, and recommended a vegan food trip as soon as possible.  This turned out to be for brunch on Sunday.  Can we break for a second and talk about how much I love brunch.  I have recently come to believe it may have been one of the best ideas ever.  Okay back on track…New Hope, PA is about 45 minutes away from me and is a fun little town along the Delaware River full of random shops and restaurants.  It’s a great place to walk around when the weather is nice.   

New Hope also has another important draw; it is home to one of the only vegan restaurants in the area, Sprig and Vine.   I love this place, not only because it is the only vegan restaurant in the area, but the food is amazingly good.  I have been here a number of times and have never had anything that I haven’t liked.

One of my favorite things at Sprig and Vine is their French toast.  It is amazing.  The French toast changes seasonally (as do a number of other items on the menu).  Over the summer I had French toast with a blueberry compote, topped with lemon cashew drizzle.  Now, having had the French toast the last time I was there for brunch I had decided to get something different this time.  However, once we arrive and I took a quick look at the menu I changed my mind.  I went with the French toast once again this time with red wine, apple and cranberry compote with cardamom and vanilla cream.   Seriously how can you pass up that seasonal deliciousness. 


It was delicious.  Normally I do not care for whole cranberries, I like cranberry things just not the whole berry, but I ate everyone that was on that plate.  The vanilla cream was so light and fluffy it was like eating a vanilla cloud…seriously I think I could have eating a whole plate of just that cream.

Melissa had the tofu benedict and said it was fantastic.  She kept trying to figure out have they made a hollandaise sauce vegan. 

Now I find myself looking for another excuse to ride into New Hope.