Over the next few posts I would like to blog a bit about my first half marathon.  I feel like this is important as I would like to share my experience, but more importantly it will also serve as a reminder to myself.  The journey that brought me to the start line started long before that morning.  I a way I guess you can say it started almost 3 years ago when I decided to make the jump to vegetarian for my health.  It was my journey towards a healthier me that started my transition to veganism.  It seems only logical that at some point I was going to need to incorporate exercise into my new life.  The problem with that is…I don’t like to exercise.  There I said it, I don’t like to sweat.  I would do yoga sporadically, but didn’t really commit.  I knew that I was going to have to set myself some kind of goal, with a timeline, if I was ever going to do this. 

With those thoughts floating in my head I read about RunDisney and the races that Disney puts on, how had I not known about this?! Now I had a goal, I was going to complete a half marathon at Disney.  The race that called to me the most was the Princess Half Marathon.  I mean what better motivation than running through Magic Kingdom with a tiara on taking pictures with Princesses, right?

I started my journey in July and had until race day 2/24/13 to pull it together.  It was a long journey with a lot of stumbling along the way.  This was the winter that I was inconveniently plagued with illness, including a long few weeks trying to kick bronchitis.  I think that running in the cold New Jersey air just didn’t really agree.  I made it to the start lines, but would I make it to the finish?