That night I had not slept like I hoped that I would. If fact I barely slept at all.  I believe I fell asleep around 1:45 am and my alarm woke me up at 3.  Yep, thats just over one hour.  This was going to be interesting.
When my alarm went off at 3 I jumped out of bed surprising myself with the amount of energy that I had given my lack of sleep.  I quickly gathered my things and waited for the wakeup call to come…half because the others were still sleeping and half because I wanted to hear Stitch.   Soon Stitch was informing me that there was “no sleeping”. 

I quickly jumped in the shower to finish waking up and got myself together.  The plan was to be out of the room and waiting for a bus by 3:30.  I was doing pretty well and got out the door and down the stairs on time.  Halfway I realized I forgot my water so I quickly ran back up to get it all the while thinking that running up and down stairs before a half marathon was probably not the best idea.

Once I got to the front of the lobby I could see all the runners and guests.  The line for the buses was really long, but the buses kept coming and the line moved really fast.  I was sitting on a bus at 3:40.   Based on the time that we were leaving I figure I would be there with plenty of time to spare, but once we were leaving the Pop Century area the traffic started getting really heavy and I was getting nervous.  The drive ended up taking about 45 minutes from Pop to the drop off location.

Once we were off the bus we had a short walk to the family reunion area, but the entrance was sooo bottlenecked.  There were these pho stained glass windows set up and they had lines of people trying to take picture with them.  It took able 15 minutes just to move into the area.   Not such great thinking on Disneys part. 

Once I got through I wandered around for a few minutes.

There was not much to see and time was ticking as the final race instructions said we had to be in the corrals around 5.  I wandered over to the port-a-potties that they had set up but as soon as I got in like there was an announcement that corrals a-c should start making their way over.  I hopped out of line as I had read other reports stating that there should be more bathrooms on the over side.  There were a lot of bathrooms on the other side of bag check with lines 15-20+ people deep.  I quickly found what I thought was going to be a shorter line (one of these days in going to learn that my gut always picks the wrong line) and waited my turn. 

At a few minute to five I starting walking to the start corrals eating my second banana (I had one on the bus ride) for breakfast and made it to the corral area a little after 5.  The walk to the corrals was much shorter and less congested than I had heard from others.  In not sure if RunDisney has made any changes in the setup for this one.  Corral C was one of the closest corrals so I was there and anxiously anticipating the start by 10 after..not bad.  As i waited in my corral, my nervousness started to turn into excitement.  I was really going to do this!

They had DJs play music and soon enough the pre-race program started.  The had an interview with Sean Astin&I was happy to see he was proudly wearing his tiara (my mom and sis saw him later during the run and said he wasnt wearing it anymore)

They also interview a girl who was going for her coast to coast.  She was the last runner to cross the finish at the Tink half and was aiming to complete this half as well.