By this time the corrals were starting to fill up and it wasn’t long before they were sending off the wheelchair athlete.

 Then it was time for the first corral. With their send off there were fireworks from all around including towers of sparklers. It was an impressive sight and helped to get me excited to run this race. I couldn’t wait until it was our turn.


 We slowly made our way forward until it was time. They sent us off with fireworks of our own and by calling out people by their costume. They also gave one last warning to make sure to hydrate well.

 I placed myself just over midway back in the corral hoping that I would be a group of people with a similar pace. It worked pretty well as according to my Garmin we were running just shy of a 12 minute mile.

The first few minutes were a little strange for me. It was the change from all the excitement back in the corrals to the now seriousness of what we were all setting out to do. There was not a lot of talking and the music was quickly fading behind us.

 Because of the heat and humidity Disney I thought added another water stop either just before the first mile marker, it surprised me as I was not expecting one until after the second mile. Looking back at the map i guess i just missed that one as i usually dont take water that early. This time i made sure to grab a cup. The first mile marker came on quickly. I tried to get a picture, but it came out so burry that you can’t see anything.

 It was after the first mile that I knew that I was going to have to adjust my strategy. The humidity before the sun rose was killer. I had run the first mile with no walking and planned to run the second the same way. After running in the humidity I knew that I was going to have to add walk breaks in early or I was going to overheat fast. For the second mile I shifted to run 5 minutes walk 1 strategy.

Hey look, we made it.


 It was just after this mile marker that I started to feel thankful about my change in plan as I saw a girl being sick on the side of the road… this was only just after the second mile marker. That’s how you know the humidity was bad.

 Just before we hit the second mile the course had opened up as we were on the main road heading for Magic Kingdom. The first set of characters was in this area, the pirates. There was a long line and I knew that they would still be out when we ran by later on the course so I passed on them for now.

 Like a beacon we could see in the distance the entrance to the Magic Kingdom area calling us. Soon enough we found ourselves running through the toll plaza :goodvibes. During our approach to the area they keep making announcements about the speed bumps telling us to be careful. While running thru the plaza I heard a girl turn back to her friend and jokingly tell her to be careful. Now I’m sure you can all guess what happened next…she tripped over it. It looked like a small misstep and she seemed fine…im sure that was not the last time something like that happened on the course that morning.

 After the gates just before the Speedway was the 5k split, time 39:20 Pace 12:39, not too bad considering the weather and not that much slower than my planed 12mm pace. Soon after we veered to the right towards the speedway and through another water stop. By this point I was taking both powerade and water. I had never run while drinking powerade so I crossed my fingers that my body liked the idea. It ended up being fine throughout the whole race.

 Near the Speedway the Cars characters were out. There was a line again and they were not a must for me so I took a picture and kept going.


 The road had begun to narrow again and the course became more crowded as we ran through the mile four mile marker, I don’t know what I was looking at but I completely missed this one. I didnt realize until half way through the mile that i must have missed it. I was starting to think that mile was the longest mile ever :rotfl:

 By this point we were heading into the Ticket and Transportation center. There were a lot of people in cheering on the runners. They had great signs and the energy was really nice. There was one person with a funny sign that said “I took the monorail, it was faster.” There were a few more funny signs along the course. I had to laugh out loud at a few of them.

 I started to look around for my mom and sister as this was the first area we planned to see each other at. I thought I must have missed them as I was almost out of the ticket and trans area, but saw them at the last minute right by the monorail ramps. I shouted a quick hi and waved as I passed. It was really cool to see them on the course. After I passed they were going to make their way to the Grand Floridian via the monorail to try to catch me as we ran out of the Magic Kingdom.