It was right after this that I started to really feel a pinching pain in my right hip. It started around the 10k split but wasnt too bad and I was able to put it in the back of my mind. This is something I have experienced before on some longer runs and I knew it wasnt going to go away. Just before mile 8 it became really bad. The pain feels like each time you put weight on the right side someone jams a big needle into the hip joint…not fun.


I took a long walk break hoping that I would be able to move into 1m/1m intervals for the remainder of the course. After my first few attempts at run intervals I knew that wasnt going to be a possibility. I had to switch to walking and walking fast. As I now had to reevaluate my goals for this race I made a new plan. For my own sanity and ode to the work that I put in for this I wasnt going to let myself fall behind pace. I was going to complete the remaining miles with each mile in the 16 minute per pace. In my head this became crazily important.

My GPS watch became even more important to me as it allowed me to be able to watch my pace closely and make sure I didnt fall behind. My walking pace varied between 14:30 and 15:45 minute miles. Im not sure what people would make of the expression i was most like wearing on my face at this point. I would like to think it was one of sheer determination, but it probably more like a painful grimic. I was doing my best to put the pain out of my mind though, i had a job to do.

It was around this time where I thought running with my Ipod might have been a little bit helpful. The entertainment and characters were a lot more stretched out. A little background on my internal debate on whether or not I was going to run with music. This is something that I thought a lot about in the weeks leading up to the race. I had always had my Ipod with me on my training runs, however, I wasnt sure that I would be able to take it with my for the half as I wasnt sure how I was going to carry it. In the past I have tried to run with a running belt to carry some of my things, but I couldnt seem to keep them from slipping up and bouncing around my waist. They ended up being a hindrance rather than helpful. This wasnt an issue for my training runs as I wasnt carrying that much with me, but for this race I would need my phone and clif blocks. My skirt has no pockets so I had to tuck my phone on one side and fuel on the other. I figured trying to manage my Ipod too would be too much. I dont think it hurt in any way to not have it and I was by no means bored, but the music might have been nice for those few miles.

Just after crossing out of the MK resort area was the mile 9 marker. There was a nice volunteer there who was offering to take picture for people.


Just after mile 9 I came across Atta. Her line was only three people, even though I knew that I needed to keep moving to not fall behind I wanted one more character shot after all these pictures were one of the main motivating factors behind running this thing.


Just before the on ramp was the mile 10 marker.


Now about that onramp… OMG that is the longest onramp I have ever seen. It just kept going and going, I thought it was never going to end. I was walking on the inside of the ramp on the grass. I know that people tell you not to walk on the grass, but I was being careful and it was necessary for two reasons. One, it was ever so slightly less painful to walk on the grass as it wasnt so hard and two, even though I was walking I was passing people and there just wasnt enough room to go around people on the road. Near the top for the ramp were the army men from Toy Story. They were encouraging us to run faster.

We finally finished with the ramp that just wont end and found mile marker 11


At this point I was starting to feel ok, I was still in a lot of pain, but I knew now that I was going to finish this and finish in within my 3:30 time.

About half way through mile 11 the DJs and race announcers were there cheering people on. A little further on another DJ planning music trying to give us that last bit of energy and excitement we needed to finish this. She was playing some Bon Jovi, Livin On A Prayer. A bunch of us had found some energy and were singing along. The DJ just shook her head and commented that that was probably the only 80s song that all of us 20 somethings knew…well she isnt wrong :shrug:

There were also some last characters, Mulan and Mrs. Incredible. It was great Mrs. Incredible was just finishing her set and ran with us as she made her way to the trailer…in heels

Soon after I could see mile marker 12


You can see just over the clock Spaceship Earth. This was, it we were finally going to go through Epcot and the finish, just one more mile to go. Im not gonna to lie, I started to get a little emotional at this point. I had been thinking about it and training for it for so long and now it was here.

We went passed the ball on the right side and towards the World Showcase. I felt really bad for Pinocchio as he wasnt getting any love. I think everyone just wanted to be finished by this point. Right after the fountain was the Fairy Godmother. She had a little bit of a line, but nowhere near as bad as it would have been had she been any sooner on the course. I passed on both as I too just wanted to be done. Just at the entrance to WS we turned back to make our way out of Epcot and to the Finish line.

I saw my mom and sister for the last time on the course. There werent that many people in Epcot so they were easy to spot. I guess most people go straight to the finish.

Just as we were out of Epcot I could hear the Gospel Choir, then I could see them. I couldnt believe it, we were almost there. I didnt get a picture of the 13th mile marker as I was pulling myself together. I was determined. I was going to run that last bit through the finish no matter what. And I did, I ran through. It felt so strange.

Just after I crossed the line it hit me, I did it…I completed a half marathon. If you would have told me a year before that I would be standing there having done it I would have laughed and told you never gonna happen, yet here I was.

 There were tears in my eyes as I found a volunteer and received my medal.