Yesterday, on my lunch break, it was so nice out that I decided that I needed to feed my soul a little rather than my stomach.  I could always grab something from the cafeteria later, right?  I work in an office like many people.  I am able to see out the office windows (which overlook a beautiful  NJ highway), but sometimes that’s not enough… you just need to get out.  You need to feel the sun and breathe the fresh air.  Without a mental break in the day it can make work feel that much longer. 

There is a nice little park a few minutes away from the office that I like to go to sometimes when the weather is nice and even sometimes when it is not.  Going for a walk, even just for the few minutes my lunch break allows, can be enough to reset your mind.  Not to mention a great chance to get some much needed vitamin D. 

 Yesterday, I took the time to take some pictures along the way.