Last week I made a quick trip to LA for work (really quick like less than 72 hrs quick).  While I was there I was determined to find some good vegan food.  In NJ we don’t really have that many options unless we are making a trip to NY or Philly so it is a bit surreal to visit a place that has so many options to choose from. 

I was meeting up with a coworker from the area and using Happycow (love that site!) we found Native Food Café.  I had read about it on a number of different vegan blogs that I follow so I was really excited to eat there myself 🙂

After the 5 ½ hour flight I was starving (ok, not starving but I was really hungry).  I was ready for some yummy food.  We went to the location in Costa Mesa as it was on the way to the hotel.  It’s in this great area with all of these stores with natural and sustainable products. 

Deciding what we wanted was really hard.  Everything sounded fantastic.  In the end I got the Bangkok Curry Bowl -Seared tofu steak on top of steamed veggies, greens and brown rice with a lemongrass and ginger-infused coconut milk curry, topped with sesame seeds and cilantro and she got the Rockin’ Moroccan Bowl tofu marinated in our homemade Moroccan sauce with grilled veggies and quinoa, topped with currants and toasted almonds.


OMG…so good.  Both bowls  had a great balance of ingredients and flavors.  Though both were delicious I think the Bangkok Curry Bowl was the winner that day.  The curry sauce was amazing and the kale was cooked perfectly.  The only negative is that now I am back in NJ and I won’t be able to go back for who knows how long 😦