We had planned this day to be one of the earliest wake ups of this trip.  Usually, we do not attend extra magic hours and pick other parks to go to, but I wanted to get up and go early into the Studios.  This meant being in the park for the 8 am rope drop.  Good thing we planned to be up early because that’s just what we did.  And by early I mean early….my mother and aunt were up by 4:30 that morning and were wide awake.  They decided to get up and start getting ready.  I was up and out of bed a little after five.  My sister is the only one who slept later.  I took my time getting ready for the day, but my mom and aunt wanted breakfast.  The waited around until a little before 7 and walked over to Olivia’s.  They said that it was the usual breakfast food, but it was good and considering they were one of the first tables really fresh. 

We took our time that morning and were walking though the turnstiles at 7:55…perfect timing.  We found out this morning that they don’t do the rope drop show.  I don’t know what it was because it that extra magic hours or if they just don’t have one here anymore.  That would be a shame if true, because the Hollywood Studios rope drop was one of the ones that I really enjoyed. 

At this point we all split up.  My sister went to try to get on Rock’in Rollercoaster, I went to get the fast passes for Toy Story and my mom and aunt wanted to look for something in one of the shops.  I went back to get the fast passes.  I wasn’t too far back in the line and was able to get some for 9:20 that morning.  Once my mom and aunt caught up with me (time was 8:10) we went to go try to stand in the stand by line while my sister was riding her rides (I don’t do rollercoaster).  We started to try to find the end of the line.  We were walking….and walking….and walking, we gave up once we saw that the line was backed up all the way past the backlot tour and starting going down where the streets of America are.  No thank you.

We were debating on what to do while we waited for my sister.  While walking towards the hat I saw that the characters were out so I decide we were going to get pictures.  Donald and Daisy’s line was already cut off (so disappointing), but Piglet had just come out and had no line.  I quickly steered us in his direction and got a good picture.  I think this is the first time I have gotten a picture with Piglet outside of Crystal Palace.


Minnie was right next to him and the line was still open.  I was so excited because I hadn’t seen Minnie in her Hollywood outfit before.  She was so cute, she told me how much she liked my dress and I made she to tell her that pink was definitely her color. 

By this time my sister was finish with her rides and called to meet up.  We met her on Sunset Blvd, then made a stop in the villains store as my aunt wanted to trade some of her Vinalmations.  While here they told her that she could also trade in the Gallery in the Animation building, so we headed back in that direction.   

We tried to catch the 8:40 Little Mermaid show, but managed to miss it by less the two minutes.  The next show wasn’t going to be for 45 minutes so needless to say we were not waiting around.  We walked back to the Animation Building to trade and discovered that the store didn’t open until 9.  We had about 15 minutes to kill.  I amused myself by taking some pictures in the area and we explored the little princess shop that is near the Little Mermaid. 

We still had a bit more time so we went to see One Man’s Dream.  There is just something about this movie that brings some of the Disney Magic to life.  Once the open the store we went in to have a look around.  I love looking at all of the Disney art in the galleries.   “One day, One day” she says dreamily.

My aunt made her trades and my sister picked up two of her own.  Task completed we headed back towards TSM to use our fast passes.  The game was great fun as usual and I like the changes that they put in after TS3 came out.  With a score of 145,700 I was declared the winner in the car.  What was really nice is that we had ridden early in the day so that score actually seemed pretty good when you looked at the postings for the day.  It’s always a bit discouraging to think you did so well and see 999,999 posted as the high score at the end of the ride.

One of the goals for the day was to ride Star Tours to see the new version.  We figured that we’d better move in that direction as we were not sure how long the lines were going to stay short for it.  It has been almost two years since I had been on this ride so I was excited.  I really liked the changes that they made to the effects; though my mother and aunt were happy they sat this one out as the ride really does throw you around a lot.  The ride itself does feel a lot shorter to me.  This may just be the way that I am remembering it, but I feel like I barely sat down and it was over.  

We wanted to see the Indiana Jones show as this was something that we haven’t seen in years (at least 4), but it didn’t start until 11:30.  We were trying to think of something to do when I remembered that a cast member had told us earlier that Mickey and some other characters would be in the animation building after 10.  Decision made, time for some more character pics.  The line had been open for a bit so we wanted in line for about 15 minutes.  Another first, Sorcerer Mickey.  The Winnie the Pooh characters were there too, but we had to make a choice as we wouldn’t have made it in time to see the show.   The picture didn’t come out too well so we are going to try again in January.

After saying good bye to Mickey we headed across to park to see how action movies are made.  The show was really funny and well thought out.  I like the addition of the members of the audience.  I am glad we made time to see it this trip.

By this point we were hungry and we are not really that impressed with HS food options.  We decided that we would go to DTD and get lunch there.  I was really excited about this as this meant I could stop at Babycakes!!!!

Once we got there we split up, I went to Babycakes and the others went to Wolfgang Puck Express.  Though the Babycakes here is small I still managed to have trouble deciding what to get.  In the end, I went for the pumpkin cupcake with cinnamon butter cream….sooo good and exactly what I was looking for.  The cinnamon butter cream was really what put it over the top.  I never thought to use cinnamon in the frosting when I bake (I usually just use it in the batter), I have tried it once since and everyone loved it.
After purchasing my cupcake I took it with me to eat with my family.  Is it just me or did the stretch out the Marketplace, it seem like so much further than I remembered…lol.  Once I got there they were still waiting on their food.  My aunt got the pizza, four cheese I think, my mom got the spaghetti and meatballs and my sister got chicken tenders and regular fries.  Everyone really enjoyed their food, but as always the portions as too large and they all left a lot behind. 

Happily fed we did a bit of walking around and shopping, but not too much as we knew that we would be here the next morning. 

At around 3 we started making our way back to the resort for a quick rest before our night.

Before long it was time to get going again…Off to Epcot.  This was a Saturday night, so by the time that we got there the parking lots were really getting full and we had to use the tram to get to the front of the park.  Luckily, there was one there as we were parking and we got right on.  We were the last stop so it took us straight to the entrance. 

We started out journey through the showcase heading for Mexico.  I made a stop before we got there at Argentina for some wine.  It was just ok.

 Seeing the lines and guessing that the ones in America were going to be just as bad.  My aunt and sister went to get in line and my mother waited for me.  It was definitely crowded that night.  We got stopped for a few minutes at the bridge as they were still getting the barges out for illuminations. This was alright as it gave me time to stop and enjoy my sip of wine.   Once they gave the all clear it was like the running of the bulls as the backed up line of people pushed forward.  I was interesting, that’s for sure.  We kept going and eventually found the others, they still had a bit of a wait to we joined them in line.  I wasn’t going to get anything, but then I remembered that I wanted to try the Oktoberfest.   My mom, aunt and sister got three of the lobster rolls to share.
By this point my mother and aunt had had enough of the crowds and decided that they were going to head out.  This was fine as my sister and I would just take the bus home.  After we said our good-byes we continued our way through the countries.  I stopped once again in Morocco to get a modified veg platter.   My sister went to the booth and got the same thing as she had before, the Kefta.  She really likes it and was excited to see that it was actually an option for a meal inside as well.  I have a feeling that she will have no problem coming here with me on our next trip.  
My sister and I spent the next little while sampling drinks from the various different booths.  Including one really good one (maybe the best one we tried) from the craft beers booth, Leinenkugel berry weiss.
Along the way we ran into Aurora with no line at all, so i just had to stop for a quick chat.

After we decided that we had probably had enough to drink (those little cups start to catch up with you after a while…lol) we made our way back to future world and wanted to go play in innoventions for a while.  We were very disappointed when we got there and were reminded that they close at 7 (it was like 7:05) soooo sad.

Since we were in the area we made our way to test track.  We started to go in the single rider line but quickly realized that it was longer than the regular line so we switched (no worries we didn’t cut anyone off…we checked).  I love test track at night, it is my favorite time to ride this one.  We had a great car, an awesome ride and didn’t even get a ticket for DUI.  All in all it was a success, all the effects were even working (strange…I know).
By this point it was getting close to Illuminations so we didn’t have time to do anything major.  We realized that we were a little hungry so we stopped in the Electric Umbrella to get a side of fries.  We enjoyed being able to sit for awhile as our feet were really hurting at this point.  With just a few minutes to go we made our way back to the middle, but didn’t walk that far.  We watched the show and then made our exit.

Day 3