We let ourselves sleep in this morning, but being us we were still up relatively early at around 7:30.  We were all ready and out the door by 9.  This was our DTD morning. 

After seeing my really yummy cupcake from the day before, we decided to get breakfast at Babycakes.   I had the chocolate dipped doughnut.  OMG, best doughnut I have ever had (and please remember I wasn’t always I vegan).  My aunt got the chocolate cookie sandwich (hey, we’re on vacation) this was vanilla frosting between two chocolate chip cookies.  She said it was good, but the cookies here are one the crunchy side and she prefers soft cookies.  My sister had the chocolate chip bread, she really enjoyed it.   This breakfast was perfect as we knew that we would be eating lunch early. 

Quick Review on Babycakes.  I love this place as everything is so delicious, however, it is expensive for the price.  Outside of the meal plan I am not sure if I would get anything other than a cupcake here.  

Our next stop was the World of Disney where I picked up an Alice and Wonderland tea mug (I am a really big tea drinker) and a Mickey Mouse ice cube tray.  I only had one at home and that really isn’t enough ice.   We did some more shopping and I bought a Mickey colander that I had been looking at for a while.  Before we knew it, it was time for lunch.  This time I joined the family at WPE.  They were able to make be a pizza with red sauce and veggies.  It was really good and they put a lot of veggies on it.  Thank goodness none of them were mushrooms as I forgot to request it without and wasn’t looking forward to picking them off. 

We hit a few more store including Ghirardelli’s, the chocolate was a no go but I was able to pick up some hot chocolate mix to use this winter.  Around  1 we decided to go back to the hotel so that we had enough time to get ready for the party.

We took our time, of course my mother an aunt were ready way ahead of us so they left to look around the monorail resorts before we were allowed into the park at 4.  My sister and I left around 3:30 and got a few interesting looks as we rode the bus.  We did stop to take a few pictures in front the resort first.

We got to Magic Kingdom a little before my mom and aunt so we hung out and took pictures while we waited.

We had a bit of a strategy that was a little ambitious, but having it really was helpful throughout the night.  We went to eat first.  We wanted to go to CHH, I had talked it up and everyone was really looking forward to it.  Wouldn’t you believe it, they were closing the doors just as we were walking up and said that they were closing at five due to the party.  This was a major disappointment for us and we had to stop and re-evaluate our options.  We decided on Pecos Bills.

As a vegan, eating at some of the counter service places can be a process.  While I truly appreciate all of Disney’s efforts to handle special diets, it does take a lot longer.  I ordered my meal through a manager who had me check the ingredients in the book.  Then they cook the veggie burgers in a different part of the kitchen and only the manager is allowed to handle your food and give it to you.  None of the rest of the staff is allowed to be involved at all.  The process meant that dinner took a lot longer than we had budgeted.  Soooo not complaining and Disney’s attention to detail and consideration is one of the reasons why I vacation here.  I just want to let everyone who has an allergy or special diet know to give yourselves more time for meals.
Next it was time for the Jungle Cruise; we had managed to pick up some fast passes on our way to dinner.  The ride was funny as usually, though I do miss when the drivers were allowed to go off book. 

One thing we wanted to fit in before the party was the fairies.  I wanted to get pictures as I was dressed like one, but didn’t want to waste any time during the party because the fairies don’t have anything special for it.  I was a little disappointed that there were only two fairies there, Tink and Terrence. 

Discussing the finer points of flying by Pixiedust

Realizing that 7 pm was fast approaching we made our way to get in line for the 7 dwarfs (Snow White was not with them).  The line took forever. We waited for them for almost an hr.   While waiting in line though we took turns trick-or-treating.  The trail was right there so it was very convenient.

The one ride that we really wanted to do during the party was the Haunted Mansion, so we headed in that direction.  We of course stopped at the Trick-or treat stations along the way.  The line was nearly walk on and we had a very spooky ride.   Once the ride was done we got our pictures taken with the haunted carriage.  It came out really cute.

My sister was dressed as Alice and we really wanted to get her pictures with the Wonderland characters so after HM we made our way to Fantasyland.  Throughout the night we stopped at nearly all of the candy stations that we passed.  We got our pictures taken with the Mad Hatter

And went for a ride on the tea cups.  There is just something about spinning round and round that never gets old.

Sleeping Beauty and her Prince were waiting for us when we got off so we hopped in line for of pictures.  We had a nice conversation and they asked all about how Pinocchio was doing.  

At this point we were almost in Tomorrowland and wanted to stop by Monsters, Inc to see if it would be funnier with everyone in costumes.  This was the worst show we had ever seen.  They started it really late and left us all in the holding room for way longer than normal, then once we were all in and the show started it seemed like the just threw someone in front of the mic as it seemed like the monsters were all just making it up as they were going along (and not in the funny way).  Most of the theater got up and walked out because they delayed things so much that we were going to miss the Fireworks.  We all ran out and were able to watch the show from the bridge to Tomorrowland.  The fireworks were good, but a lot of ppl said that they were the best ones they had seen.  I was underwhelmed.  I liked the summer nightastic better…I miss that one.

Once they were done we found a spot for the villains show.  It was shorter than I was expecting, but I really liked it.  Once it was over my sister and I split up.  She went to find Maleficent and I went to the Evil Queen. 

Parade time!!!!!!!!!  Okay, so I know a lot of ppl love this parade, but once again I was underwhelmed.  It was good dont get me wrong, but i think my expectations were just set too high.  The headless horseman was cool and I liked how they gave out candy during the parade.  The best part for us actually was that they had the characters walking around freely through the crowd during it.  Gaston stood just behind a family while watching the parade and kept making funny comments like “Why are all of these people watching this, when they can look at me” and the step sisters were there too (they were very disappointed to have just missed Gaston).  They kept trying to get the attention of all the male character in the parade and let them know that both of them were still available.  It was hilarious.

It was getting late by this point so my mother an aunt decided to call it a night.  There were still some character pictures that we wanted to get so me and my sister stayed.  We saw the villains show one more time and this time we both got pictures with the Queen of Hearts. 

I really wanted to get a picture with Gaston, but first we stopped for a chat with the stepsisters and Lady Tremaine.  They were crazy funny as the always are.  I really like that they spend a lot of time with people and have a real conversation.  Each experience with them is always different, even if it is the same people in the roles  

Then lastly it was pictures with Gaston.

By this time we were pretty much out of energy so we called it a night catching our ride just before before Midnight (we don’t like to cut is as close as Cinderella).


Day 4