As per usual for us we did not sleep in that late this morning and we had some time to kill before heading to Magic Kingdom.  We decided to go over to POP to see what we could find for breakfast.  I was excited to be able to get the Mickey waffles made vegan.  I had had them once before at Animal Kingdom Lodge and there were really good.  Well, maybe just the timing was off because they were not very good this time.  I have a feeling it was because the Chef was trying to make my vegan order and another girl’s gluten free order at the same time. The batter is the same, but what goes with is different.  They seemed to be undercooked as they were gummy inside. 

Once we were done we dropped off the car back at the resort and hopped a bus for Magic Kingdom.   We decided to go back to MK and skip AK as we wanted to do a few rides that we passed on during the party. 

This time we started in Tomorrowland.  We rode Buzz and I got one of my highest scores yet.  I was pretty proud of myself, though I know that my scores cannot even compete with more ppls here. 

My aunt suggested that we go on the Indy car as there was no line and usually we don’t do as the line is always really long and it isn’t worth it.  It was actually really fun/funny.  I think not waiting in the hot sun for an hr really makes a difference on how you experience some of the outside rides.

Once we were done with our drive we continued our walk towards fantasyland.  No trip for us is complete without a ride on Small World.  I know that there is a split of opinions on this one but I love.  That said I won’t do it more than once per trip.  That song is really hard to get out of you head.

Then it was time for Philharmagic.  This is my favorite 3D show at Disney.  I love the way Disney really tries to bring in all of your senses to create a great and new experience. 

By this point it was getting close to lunch so we started to make our way to CCH determined to be able to eat here this time.  We were successful!  I was able to get the lighthouse sandwich without the broccoli as it contains dairy.  My sandwich came with a side of chips.  This was very yummy as it always is.  The bread is always fresh and the tomato and hummus combination is perfect.   My mother and sister got the fried fish and shrimp and my aunt got the lobster roll.  She said she preferred the ones that they got in Epcot at the festival better as there was too much mayo and other stuff in the roll here, but it wasn’t bad.

Once we were through with lunch we made our way out of the park.  We took the monorail to the TTS and transferred to the Epcot line.

We wanted to go to Epcot to pick up any last minute souvenirs and walk around the countries one more time.  I don’t really remember anyone getting anything from the festival booths this time.  One thing we did notice was the crowd difference compared with the weekend.  There was hardly anyone there so it was a nice chance to relax and walk around. 

My aunt wanted to try and get another bracelet in Germany, but the woman who makes them was not there that day so she will just have to wait for her next trip.  I made a stop in China to buy a bracelet that I had see earlier in the trip. 

While we were walking around we used my sister’s fabulous Disney App that we had been using the whole time to see when the show times were for Beauty and the Beast at DHS.  This is also a must do for me as it is my favorite live show in the parks.  Beauty and the Beast has always been my favorite Disney movie.  The show was going to be at 5:15 so we decided to use the back entrance to walk over.  There was of course a quick stop at the Bakery to use some of the remaining snacks we had.  Nothing on offer at the bakery is vegan so I walked down to the sweets shop to see thinking that they would have Toffuti or Rice Dreams ice cream that I could have.  Wrong again, I was disappointed to learn that they don’t have any dairy free ice creams available like most of the other ice cream places on property.    The girl behind the counter was completely baffled by the idea that you could even have dairy free ice cream…

Once they finished their snack we continued our journey.  It started to rain a bit when we were only half way there so we started getting a little worried.  It was too far to go back and get the boat but the Studios were still a ways away.  It stopped fairly quickly and luckily it didn’t rain for the rest of the night. 

Once we got there most of the rides had really long lines so we shopped in the stores for a bit and got something to eat before the show.  We ate at Fairfax fair across from the theater.  My mother, sister and aunt got combinations of chicken and ribs.  I was able to get a veggie burger on the GF roll and fries, but just like at Pecos Bills it was a process.  It did take less time overall here though.  I was really excited to learn that they have divvies cookies here too and a lot of the counter service places don’t have them and usually I just have to get grapes(note they have recently changed the brand of cookies and they now contain egg).  This place just jumped the list of places to eat at DHS.  If only now they could put it inside and air-conditioned for the summer. ..

Once we were done it was time to go in and get seats for the show.  The show was good, but not great.  Belle was really good and had a great voice. however, it must have been training time because Gaston didn’t know his lines.   It was actually really funny as someone who had seen it before, but I feel bad for the ppl who were seeing it for the first time.  He kept saying his lines out of order so they didn’t make any sense with what was going on in the scene and would just throw out the “cue” lines at random when we realized he missed them.  It was interesting to say the least. 

My mom and aunt were done by this time and decided to go back and start packing.  My sister and I wanted to stay and see the 7:30 Fantasmic.  This was another show that I hadn’t seen in a few years.  In the summer you have to go find a seat so early that we don’t want to wait that long.  The show was great.  They were having some lighting issue on a few of the barges, but it didn’t really take away from the experience. I am really glad i got to see this show again.  It is one of the good ones and with low attendance we can never be sure how much longer its going to be there. 

Once the show was over we stopped in the villains store to use the last of our snack credit and made our way back to the resort.  There were only the two of us and one other family with two girls on the bus.  They were so cute and spend the whole time telling us about all the things that they had done and seem so far on their trip.  It is nice to see some of the Disney magic through the eyes of a child every once and a while.  I cant wait to take y theoretical children some day. 

Once we were back at the resort we packed as much as we could that night and went to bed.

We were up early the next morning as we had to be out the door by 5:30.  We finished packing and said our good- bye for nows.  We quietly made our way out of Disney World and back to reality.


Trip Report Sept 2012