Hello, this will be my first full trip report and I am excited to relive my adventures with all of you

I guess this is the part where I tell you a little bit about myself.  I am 25 and have been going to Disney parks since before I was born (literally…lol).  All of the trips I can actually remember though have been to Disney World.  As a family we always try to figure out how many times we have been, but we lost track a while ago after hit 20. Given that, this trip was full of firsts for us.  This marked the first time that we have gone to Disney in the Fall, that we have gone to the Food and Wine Festive as well as the first time that we have attended any of the special parties at Magic Kingdom (MNSSHP).  This is also the first time that I am spending more than a day in Disney as a vegan; I know, I know what was I thinking booking my vacation during the food and wine festival.  Well, at least I still got to drink the wine ;).

Traveling with me this time is my mother, my aunt and my sister (21).  My sister is the only one willing to step in front of the camera however…lol.

This trip really started the day before we left.  After a long day at work I was going directly from work to stay at my parent’s house for the night as we would be leaving early and they live closer to the train station.  We spend the evening mostly double checking that we had packed everything that we would need and trying to get to sleep early…

Contintue to Day 1