This trip was another action pack, yet surprisingly relaxing, Disney World adventure. It took place September 1st thru the 8th and had us residing in a studio at the Beach Club Villas. It had been a while since we stayed in our home resort and it felt so nice to be back. Let’s face it though, it was nice to be back in Disney at all. There was a gap of nine whole months in between trips this time. Usually we try to schedule the trips about 6 months apart. This keeps it so once you are back home it isn’t too sad as there is already another trip to look forward too. When we got back from our trip last January we didn’t even have this trip scheduled yet…very depressing.

Many times when we go to Disney, it is with extended family that can number over 20 people at one time. This trip however we kept it small with only my parents, my sister and I. This was very different for us, but it was a fun trip. Although it felt very relaxing we were able to do just about everything that we wanted.

This is my third trip to Disney as a vegan, but I was concerned since I had learned that many of the old standby foods had been replaced with non vegan alternatives.


 My sister will also be appearing often in this report though this was not technically a vacation for her, more on that later. She is 22 , just graduated from college and has recently moved to the Orlando area for a while. This is actually one of the reasons for the gap between trips, we timed this vacation so that we can visit.


Day 1 Getting to the World

 Departure day for us this trip was very out of our normal routine. Usually we are scheduled for a flight living somewhere between 7:30 am and 9 am, making it so we are up before dawn and on the first train to the airport. We do this so that we can still have a day in Disney. This trip, it didn’t work out with the flights. Saturday our flight was not scheduled to leave until 1 pm making it so we did not have to be one a train until 10:05. Leaving at 10 gave us nearly a full morning to kill (we are early risers).

 Having the extra time that morning really worked out for me though. I had recently adopted a new kitten. She was a rescue kitten found on the street by my little cousin. I named her Daisy, yes after the duck. When we first found her she was still really little, about five weeks, and she didn’t quite know how to meow yet. The sound that came out sounded more like a quack that a meow. She has since found her meow and is very much acting like the kitten she is, but she is still Daisy.

 I had only had her for a week before the trip and had arranged for her to go to another of my cousin’s home to stay while we were gone. So not only did I have to finish packing myself up, I had to get all of her things arranged and take her to my cousins. The time that morning seemed to fly by as I was getting everything together and before I knew it, it was time to go.

 We are ready!


 With last good-byes, I dropped Daisy off at my cousins and made my way to my parent’s house where one of their neighbors was kind enough to drop us off at the train station.

 One thing we didn’t count on was just how crowded the train would be. Normally with leaving so early in the morning we often have an entire car to ourselves for much of the hour trip. This time, we couldn’t even all sit together. It was this time that we were reminded that it was Labor Day weekend and we started to worry about what we might find once we got to the parks…

 Soon enough we arrived at our stop and transferred over to our first monorail of the trip that would take us to Newark Airport.


 Security was a little backed up and by the time we got to our gate we only had about a half hour before boarding. Soon we were in our seats and we were very happy to discover that because our flight had come in from overseas our plane have free movies and shows! This makes the flight sooo much easier for me as they are good distractions. Even though I fly fairly often I still haven’t become a good flyer. The take off always make me a little uneasy.

 We are on our way!


 My first movie selection was Mirror, Mirror. I liked it and though it was an interesting version of the story.

 Once it was over, I amusing myself with some picture taking before selecting some history channel documentary to watch for the last bit of the flight.




 The sky was just beautiful.

 After we landed my father and I split up with my mom. She went to get started on the rental car and we went to get the luggage. We rented our car from EZ rental this time. Now I’m not sure if it was just because they were short on cars or if this is just the practice, but we had to check in at terminal B and walk all the way up and over to terminal A to actually pick up the car.

Finally it was time to hit the road and make the 30 minute drive to Disney World!

 First we saw this sign…[IMG]

 They we saw this one J


 We’re finally here after nine long months of waiting!

 Since we were arriving so late in the day our room was ready.


 So we are finally in Disney and what do we do?

We actually dropped our things and made our way back to the car to go back off property (not my choice I assure you). My mom had made some purchases from the outlets when she was there in August with my sister and she needed to make a return. The Vera Bradley outlet had also sent her a 20 dollar birthday coupon and we do not have one near us. We tried to be quick; I think we were there for less than 30 minutes… not too bad.

 By this point it was around 6 and we were starving, having not eaten since the morning. The first thought was to try to get something off property around the outlets. By I quickly pointed out that it was dinner time on a Saturday night. We would be waiting a long time no matter where we went. My mom saved the day by suggesting we tried the food court at Art of Animation. This was a great suggestion, because we I had never seen the resort and had heard that the food courts in the values were surprisingly vegan friendly.



 I was able to speak with the chef and he made me a yummy stir fry with Asian veggies and tofu. It was good and left just enough room for dessert…

 BabyCakes brownie cupcakes!!!!!!!


 There were four different frostings vanilla, chocolate, mocha and mint. I had the mocha for dessert and it was delicious. The mini cupcake was a perfect little treat.

 Once back at the room we had a bit of a lazy night and finished getting ourselves settled it. I had originally wanted to go into Epcot to see the fireworks, but just wasn’t feeling like walking over. So imagine my joy when at 9 we found out we could not only see the fireworks from the balcony, but that we could hear the music just as if we were in the park.

 It was a nice way to end the evening after a very long day.

Day 2