We slept in this morning do to coming in late the night before. I woke up around 9 as I had booked massages at the Mandara Spa in the Dolphin for my mom and myself as a treat for her birthday which was Sunday for 10. We had never been to this spa before and were excited to try it. We had been to the one in the Grand Floridian a few years before and enjoyed it. The spa was really easy to find which was nice, because we were worried about that. We were greeted as soon as we walked in. We checked in and were shown to the changing room. The room they have you wait in for your treatments is really nice. I didn’t have my camera with my but I stole this picture from the website.


 I believe we were the first appointments of the day as it was just the two of us in the waiting area for most of the time. Due to the spa being so easy to find we were about 10 minutes early. They had water and tea available for you as you wait. Soon enough it was time and we were led to the treatment rooms that you located right off the waiting area. I had a Swedish massage for 50 minutes. It was nice and very relaxing.

 After my massage I was lead to another room for relaxing after. My mom was already there she was done a few minutes before me. It was very nice to just sit and relax. The room looks out over the water. After massages I am always what I like to call zen-ed out, so it was nice just to sit and look out over the water and chat with my mom.

 Soon enough we made our way out of the spa as it was getting close to time to meet the others. We met my sister in DTD for some shopping and Babycakes.


 We ended up with 6 cupcake tops as they were 2 for 2 dollars. How could we pass that up? They were delicious and we snacked on them for the rest of the trip.


 We continued shopping for a while before deciding to go back to the hotel to swim for a little while, this thought was finished though when it started to rain on the way back. We hung around the room and noticed that it was later than we thought it was. It was around dinner time and my sister said that she would like to go to Red Lobster for dinner so that is where we went. This time I got two baked potatoes (two because they were small, hate that). The rain found us again during dinner. It managed to let us just enough for us to make it back out to the car not looking like we had just stepped off Kali.

 By the time we got back to the hotel the rain had cleared up and they were going to be opening the pool back up. We quickly changed into our swimsuits and made our way to the pool. It was nearly dark when we got down there and there were very few people around. For about a half hour we had the whole pool just about to ourselves.

 We were down there for a while only realizing the time when we saw Illuminations start going off. We watched the first bit from the pool and made our way back to the room for the second half. It was a nice way to finish a relaxing day.

Day 6