This Sunday was Mother’s Day.  This year I wanted to take my mom somewhere fun.  About a month ago we were out and started talking about gardens.  It came up that we both wanted to go to a place called Longwood Gardens.  It is a little far, but good for a day trip.  It was decided, that’s where we would go for Mother’s Day.

There is a café in the Gardens, but it was being used as a reservation only Mother’s Day brunch.  Just outside of the Gardens, however, is a picnic area.  I thought it would nice to have a picnic then walk through the gardens.  My mother and I are both trying to eat a little healthier right now so for lunch I made us salads, some bruschetta and fresh strawberries for desert.


After lunch we packed everything up and went inside.  Longwood Gardens is a place that I went on a field trip when I was in middle school.  I remember it being pretty and large, but other than that I couldn’t recall.

It was beautiful, there were different paths to stroll along with different things to see.  Some of the areas were more formal garden, like the Italian water garden, and some were more organic.  There is also a conservatory with different tropical and dessert plants and flowers as well.

On the whole it was a lovely day and we were so glad we decided to go there.

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