Hey! Long time no see 🙂 Today is April 22nd also known as Earth Day. The time once a year the country gets together and decides to think a bit about the planet. Unfortunately, for many people this is the only time of year that people think about the planet. Don’t misunderstand I’m not judging I am no saint myself. While I try to make good choices sometimes I get lazy about it too. I don’t always bring my reusable bags when I go shopping, I sometimes don’t recycle (the recycling is in a different part of the complex than my apt). I tell myself all sorts of excuses, I’m just running in for a few things, it’s only a few recyclables and it’s raining :/ The first few times it is easy to rationalize, but after a while you just develop bad habits.

The amount of plastic bags and items that could be recycled that end up in our landfills and water ways is insane. Each of our individual items may not seem like much but added together its big. It’s up to each of it to make our individual small contributions so together we can make an impact.

They say that it takes three weeks to break a bad habit. With that in mind I would like to use this Earth Day as a chance to challenge myself. For the next 30 days I will use my reusable bags every time I go shopping (I have these cute produce bags im looking forward to using too) and I will recycle all items that can be recycled. I start this challenge in the hopes that after 30 days I will be able to change my bad habits and keep going.

What are you doing this Earth Day to make a difference?