Today for breakfast I made a super yummy smoothie. I have a nutribullet and used the smaller regular blending cup.

The ingredients are Coconut water, Greens (i used baby kale, but spinach will also work well), blueberries, and plain cocoa powder (no added sugar).

It is important to first blend the greens. Unless you have a vitamix if you they will not blend well if you blend everything together. SO start with about a quarter cup of coconut water and a handful of your greens of choice. Blend the greens until they are smooth and then add you fruit. I use frozen fruit from whole foods. This time i defrosted them over night in the fridge but you can leave them partially frozen to get a more sorbet like consistency. In the bag there were about 2 cups of blueberries. The cocoa powder is really to taste. I like about a tablespoon.

I used blueberries this morning because that i want i had on hand. I usually made this smoothie with cherries and it is super delicious as well. It is probably my favorite smoothie. I love that smoothies are a delicious way to get a few more fruit and veggies in.