Hi, my name is Lindsay.  I started this blog as a place to share my thoughts and ideas about my life and living vegan.  I started on my vegan journey for health reasons and along the way learned about all the other amazing benefits this lifestyle has for the animals, the planet and the population as a whole.  I am the only vegan or vegetarian in my family and for most of my family the only one they have ever met.  Needless to say I am used to getting a lot of questions and comments on living this way. 

Along with veganism, my interests center around reading, cooking, being outside and of course all things Disney!  You may see a few (or maybe a lot) of Disney related posts as I try to get down to Disney World at least twice a year.  I use these trips and others are examples for my dos and don’ts of traveling vegan, at least the ones that I have discovered.