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Chocolate blueberry Smoothie


Today for breakfast I made a super yummy smoothie. I have a nutribullet and used the smaller regular blending cup.

The ingredients are Coconut water, Greens (i used baby kale, but spinach will also work well), blueberries, and plain cocoa powder (no added sugar).

It is important to first blend the greens. Unless you have a vitamix if you they will not blend well if you blend everything together. SO start with about a quarter cup of coconut water and a handful of your greens of choice. Blend the greens until they are smooth and then add you fruit. I use frozen fruit from whole foods. This time i defrosted them over night in the fridge but you can leave them partially frozen to get a more sorbet like consistency. In the bag there were about 2 cups of blueberries. The cocoa powder is really to taste. I like about a tablespoon.

I used blueberries this morning because that i want i had on hand. I usually made this smoothie with cherries and it is super delicious as well. It is probably my favorite smoothie. I love that smoothies are a delicious way to get a few more fruit and veggies in.


Fruit for Health


Yummy Fall Foods

I found this chart while looking around on pinterest the other day.  It includes many of the yummy foods that i look forward to cooking and eating once Fall arrives.174bec099260ad0effea53724f769860

My New Favorite Tea Supplier!


I am a big tea drinker, I probably even drink a little too much tea.  I mostly prefer a good Japanese green tea, but like herbal and others too.  In my desk at work I try to keep no less than three different types of loose leaf tea.  You never know what kind of tea mood you’re going to be in 🙂

In the past I have gotten most of my tea from Teavana as they have storefronts in the malls in my area.  A little while back I read an article about pesticides in tea and how high the levels of nasties were.  In this article Teavana teas were mentioned specifically for high levels of certain pesticides and toxins. (MMN Article) This started my exploration of what was in my tea.   It’s one of those conclusions that I should have come to on my own but that didn’t really click until I read about it.  I try to buy organic food whenever I can so why shouldn’t I be seeking out organic tea as well.  The tea leaves sit in your cup/pot for a while as the flavor defuses out, why wouldn’t the bad stuff be defusing out as well. 

Since then, I was determined to find good organic tea. There are a number of certified Organic teas to be found in the tea isle at my grocery store, but I prefer loose leaf tea as it lets you have more control over the flavor and strength.  My search lead me to Divinitea, they are a certified organic loose leaf tea supplier based out of New York.  I really like this company. They seem dedicated to organic tea and organic farming methods.  On their website they speak about the benefit of using organic for both the drinker and the environment.  I like that… I feel like the values of the company are very much in line with my own.

For my first order I went with smaller sizes of three different teas.  I knew they were organic, but how would they taste?  I tried the Japanese Sencha green tea, the Peppermint and the Cherry Hibiscus Tisane.  All three teas had great flavor and quality.  The sencha had all of the notes of a high quality sencha, the peppermint was refreshing and the Cherry (besides be a fabulous pink color) was delicious and great in the afternoons.  I was also surprised at the price.  I expected to be paying a lot more than I was for organic tea, but the prices are either the same or lower than I was paying with Teavana.  Needless to say I am really excited to find a nice organic tea supplier!