Chocolate blueberry Smoothie


Today for breakfast I made a super yummy smoothie. I have a nutribullet and used the smaller regular blending cup.

The ingredients are Coconut water, Greens (i used baby kale, but spinach will also work well), blueberries, and plain cocoa powder (no added sugar).

It is important to first blend the greens. Unless you have a vitamix if you they will not blend well if you blend everything together. SO start with about a quarter cup of coconut water and a handful of your greens of choice. Blend the greens until they are smooth and then add you fruit. I use frozen fruit from whole foods. This time i defrosted them over night in the fridge but you can leave them partially frozen to get a more sorbet like consistency. In the bag there were about 2 cups of blueberries. The cocoa powder is really to taste. I like about a tablespoon.

I used blueberries this morning because that i want i had on hand. I usually made this smoothie with cherries and it is super delicious as well. It is probably my favorite smoothie. I love that smoothies are a delicious way to get a few more fruit and veggies in.


Happy Earth Day!


Hey! Long time no see 🙂 Today is April 22nd also known as Earth Day. The time once a year the country gets together and decides to think a bit about the planet. Unfortunately, for many people this is the only time of year that people think about the planet. Don’t misunderstand I’m not judging I am no saint myself. While I try to make good choices sometimes I get lazy about it too. I don’t always bring my reusable bags when I go shopping, I sometimes don’t recycle (the recycling is in a different part of the complex than my apt). I tell myself all sorts of excuses, I’m just running in for a few things, it’s only a few recyclables and it’s raining :/ The first few times it is easy to rationalize, but after a while you just develop bad habits.

The amount of plastic bags and items that could be recycled that end up in our landfills and water ways is insane. Each of our individual items may not seem like much but added together its big. It’s up to each of it to make our individual small contributions so together we can make an impact.

They say that it takes three weeks to break a bad habit. With that in mind I would like to use this Earth Day as a chance to challenge myself. For the next 30 days I will use my reusable bags every time I go shopping (I have these cute produce bags im looking forward to using too) and I will recycle all items that can be recycled. I start this challenge in the hopes that after 30 days I will be able to change my bad habits and keep going.

What are you doing this Earth Day to make a difference?

Fruit for Health


Yummy snacks from the Garden


Today I picked some of the fresh peas that I grew this year.  There is something about fresh peas that you have grown yourself that makes them taste so much nicer…Or nice at all as I don’t usually like peas…haha

Exciting Ice Cream find!


So this past weekend, while doing my weekly shop at Whole Foods, I wandered over to the ice cream freezer.  This is not something I usually do, since they stopped carrying my green tea soy ice cream 😦  While I was there I discovered something that I’m sure many of you already have…  So Delicious Cookies n Cream Almond Milk Ice Cream.  I swear you could hear a heavenly chorus as my eyes fell upon it…there was cheesy movie lighting it was bad…lol.  A pint landed in my cart before I could even finish a thought.  I couldn’t wait to get home and try some.

At my Whole Foods the fun ice cream flavors are coconut ice creams.  The Soy delicious (I loved that this brand was fruit sweetened) is not being carried anymore and the almond milk was just in the normal flavors…chocolate, vanilla etc.  So finding a new fun flavor was exciting.

I had a busy day on Saturday so I wasn’t able to try some until after dinner that night.  Soooo yummy.  I was happy to find out that that they do not scrimp on the cookies.  There was a good ratio of cookie to ice cream and because it was almond milk ice cream it wasn’t too heavy.   I have a feeling this ice cream may be finding its way into my shopping basket a number of times this summer….

Mother’s Day

This Sunday was Mother’s Day.  This year I wanted to take my mom somewhere fun.  About a month ago we were out and started talking about gardens.  It came up that we both wanted to go to a place called Longwood Gardens.  It is a little far, but good for a day trip.  It was decided, that’s where we would go for Mother’s Day.

There is a café in the Gardens, but it was being used as a reservation only Mother’s Day brunch.  Just outside of the Gardens, however, is a picnic area.  I thought it would nice to have a picnic then walk through the gardens.  My mother and I are both trying to eat a little healthier right now so for lunch I made us salads, some bruschetta and fresh strawberries for desert.


After lunch we packed everything up and went inside.  Longwood Gardens is a place that I went on a field trip when I was in middle school.  I remember it being pretty and large, but other than that I couldn’t recall.

It was beautiful, there were different paths to stroll along with different things to see.  Some of the areas were more formal garden, like the Italian water garden, and some were more organic.  There is also a conservatory with different tropical and dessert plants and flowers as well.

On the whole it was a lovely day and we were so glad we decided to go there.

mothers day 001

mothers day 002

mothers day 004b

mothers day 007

mothers day 010b


mothers day 018c


mothers day 038

mothers day 033

mothers day 042

WDW Sept 2012 Day 7 Final

After the tour was over it was about 3:30. We had early dinner reservations at 50s Primetime, so we hopped a bus for DHS.








 For dinner I opted for my usual, a peanut butter and jelly milkshake (rice dream milk and ice cream) with a side a fries. Sooo good. It was a great last meal in Disney.

 While we were eating the skies had opened and it was raining very hard. We had to wait in the lobby for a little until the rain lightened up. Once it did we had to catch a bus back to the resort as the boats were not running because of the lightening.

 We called it an early night as our flight was very early the next morning. We were up at four am to Saturday to catch our flight. It was a great trip and I can’t wait to go back for Christmas!